Taming the Monkey Mind--A Guide to Pure Land Practice

by the Buddhist scholar Cheng Wei-an
Translation with Commentary by Dharma Master Suddhisukha

Sutra Translation Committee of the U.S.& Canada
New York - San Francisco - Niagara Falls - Toronto
May 2000

The Chinese original of this translation, Nien-fo ssu-shih-pa fa by the Buddhist scholar Cheng Wei-an, is reprinted (together with Elder Master Yin Kuang's work Ching-yeh Chin- liang) in: Ch'en Hsi-yuan, ed., Ching-t'u Ch'ieh-yao [Essentials of Pure Land], Taiwan, 1968.Cheng Wei-an's text has been translated into Vietnamese twice, under the title 48 Phap Niem Phat by Trinh Vi-Am. The better known version was published in 1963 with a commentary by Dharma Master Thich Tinh Lac (Skt: Suddhisukha).