Therefore, in the Void There Are No Forms, No Feelings, Perceptions, Volitions or Consciousness.

The Buddha knew that repetition is essential to learning; he explained further that there is form because the mind craves it; and when mind releases its hold, form ceases to exist. It does not have any independent nature of its own. Additionally, there is no feeling, conception, volition or consciousness in the supramundane Emptiness of True Existence. He returned to the fundamental Dharma of the Skandhas again and again to explain the essential Emptiness of all existence. He hoped to make the Path of Liberation be known by teaching it continually.

Now, I shall shed some light on the meaning of the assertion ìAll dharmas are void.î The fundamental Dharma of the Five Skandhas teaches that all five skandhas are empty, which means that there are really no skandhas. They are not the substance, but only the function, of worldly dharmas; and just as is the case with all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the skandhas, too, are rooted entirely in the Dharma of Emptiness.