We respectfully acknowledge the assistance, support and cooperation of the following advisors, without whom this book could not have been produced: Rev. Dayi Shi, Rev. Chuanbai Shi, Rev. Rubin Shi, Amado Li, Cherry Li, Hoi-Sang Yu, Dr. Wei-Wu Tan, Tsai Ping Chiang, Vera Man, Way Zen, and Freddy S. Hatathlei. They are all to be thanked for editing and clarifying the text, sharpening the translation and preparing the manuscript for publication. Special thanks are extended to Dr. Frank G. French for his immeasurable dedication to and tremendous effort in the editing of this text, to Prof. John Chen for his scholarly insights, and to Kara Chan for taking time out of her very busy schedule to type the text. Also, special thanks are extended to Tony Aromando and Ling Wang for the formatting and graphic design of the book. Their devotion to and concentration on the completion of this project, on a voluntary basis, are highly appreciated.