To Destroy Illusion, Establish The Right Faith With Respect For The Right Tao And Dispel Heterodox Views

This is the actual proof of the efficaciousness of right faith. For if one has solid confidence in the Buddhadharma based on wisdom derived from practice, then all doctrinal disputations or the pitting of one religious or philosophical view against another leaves one's faith unmoved. Moreover, the use of mature wisdom can destroy all absurd statements, evil modes of thought, and erroneous views with which one might come in contact. The Sutras and the Sastras taught by the Buddha and Bodhisattvas contain a complete, universally valid and reasonable teaching for all sentient beings. Also, many different masters made every effort to enhance and glorify these profound doctrines by way of commentary.

Therefore, taking the refuge of right faith in the Bodhisattva Tao means not only to recognize the truth for oneself but also to protect the Buddhadharma against insult and abuse and to profit others by the Teaching. Using skillful eloquence of speech and writing, one should manifest the truth of Buddhadharma to increase the faith of both oneself and others. The Bodhisattva who takes the refuge of right faith, with his qualifications of self-knowledge, is able, eventually, to arrive at the stage of non--retrogression. Those who have taken merely the Three Refuges in order to link up with the tradition of Bodhisattva practice are not yet prepared for this stage.