The Four All-Embracing Virtues

Another Bodhisattva Dharma tool used to benefit others and oneself is that of the Four All-Embracing Virtues. Dana,in this sense, means giving others what they like in order to lead them to become receptive and to lean toward the truth. Priyavacanameans affectionate and beautiful speech used for the same reasons as Dana. Arthakrtyameans conduct profitable to others and is used in the same way as Dana and Priyavacana. Samanarthatameans cooperation with and adaptation to others for the sake of leading them to the truth. As Avalokitesvara appeared in 32 forms, one, similarly, should manifest all kinds of forms to convert and aid all sentient beings skillfully.

Depending on our wisdom, we practice the Six Paramitas and the Four All-Embracing Virtues and complete the Tao of Bodhisattva Dharma. Each individual, according to his position--whether it be farmer, soldier, laborer, educator, politician, businessman, monk or nun, etc.--can determine the Bodhicitta. The unfolding of this Bodhicitta lies in the practice of Bodhisattva conduct, spreading the truth of Buddhadharma, and establishing the practicality of the Teachings as a way of life in a genuinely human society and culture. The principle of this practice is that the spirit is consistent even though the circumstances vary. The Bodhisattva Tao should have no restrictions dependent on time and place but should respond freely and spontaneously according to circumstances.

May all sentient beings practice the Bodhi Tao and arrive at the Supreme Buddha-Fruit stage!